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Tuesday, July 3

I want to go back....

Oh dear...I've only been back a few days but I already miss being away. Being back has gave me lots of time on my own to think. Some of my research has came in handy for my own personal use but I'll keep you updated on how that goes. I haven't heard from any of my UKSRI team since I've been back...obviously I wasn't too memorable. So for now it's just me, Bell and my research. Sure you couldn't ask for much better! :)

Bye for now,


Saturday, June 30

I'm Home! long last I'm finally home...there were a few delays along the way which meant me getting home later that anticipated but I had a lovely welcoming when I got home as Bell, one of my cats jumped up to see me as soon as I opened the door.

Really bad news though. Mipsy my older cat died while I was away, my neighbour tried to get in contact with me but most of the time I had my phone off because there was no signal. I'm devasted about this but she wasn't well so mayb in the long run it's better for her.

RIP you always.


Tuesday, June 12

At the airport

Today it's time to go home! :( I can't believe my jounrey has ended. It seemed like only yesterday I started typing on this blog to say that I was leaving. Well what an experience it has truely been. I've been to so many different places and experienced so many different sights. It's been amazing. The highlight for me has definately been has been such an experinece and the people and their beliefs are so unusual. There's just so much to study.

I'm looking forward to getting home now...not a big fan on flying. It's been brilliant having this blog to keep me going through all the up's and down's. I think I am maybe going to even try keeping it up to date when I get home.

Anyway, see you on the other side,


Saturday, June 9

Back in Kampala

We're back in Kampala. Robert thought it would be good if we rested for a while. Got some proper food and a wash and even a proper bed so he has booked us in to a hostel/hotel place. He's really becoming like a father figure to me and his stories of his life's journies are endless. We're only stayin here two nights as we are flying out of Entebbe International. Robert is flying back with me as his visa is running out and he is going to take the opportunity to go home and visit relatives.

For me it'll be to go home see my oh so cute cats and start in on writting up properly everything I have experienced out here and also maybe carrying out a few tests of my own. Anyway I'm goin to enjoy the last of this'll probably be one of our last stops before the airport.

Bye for now,


Saturday, May 26

Starting the Trek home...

Today we're heading back towards the city. We're leaving Akiki and Kigongo home and the Robert and I are heading back towards the city. I have really had my eye's opened here but it has gave me lots of brilliant inspiration for my research.

I managed to take a few photographs yesterday so i'll post those up. There is a beautiful place here it's just that the things that go on aren't so beautiful unfortunately.

Wednesday, May 16

Horror Stories...

Today Robert took me to meet a boy called Mukisa. Robert found Mukisa and help treat him after a witch doctor abuducted him. Mukisa told us his story of how the witch doctor took him and left him for dead after cutting off his penis. He was just three years old when this happened. Mukisa's mother told us that everytime I look at him I ask myself how his future is going to be and how the rest of the community will look at him. I thought these were very harsh words from his own mother who nearly sounded as if she would have preferred him dead because of the shame it will bring to their family in the community.

Robert told me that Mukisa is only one of many stories that he could show me...although most aren't 'lucky' enough to get away.

Bye for now,


Wednesday, May 2

Witch Doctors

Today I met a witch doctor!wow!Such an experience. The things they practice are so weird and most of it just completely insane!! We talked to one man who used to be a witch doctor but has now changed. He now campaigns to end child sacrifice and confessed for the first time to having murdered about 70 people, including his own son. I could see in his eyes that he was truely sorry. He led us to another practicing doctor's secret shrine where he regularly captures children and brings their blood and body parts to be consumed by spirits. The sight and the smell of that place I just couldn't describe in words. The stench was almost unbearable.

The strange thing is that the doctors think that they are doing the right thing and think that they are chasing away eveil spirits. I do believe in evil spirits but I definately don't think that making these kind of sacrifices are helping anyone.

Robert has told me that we are going to be staying here for a couple of weeks, he wants to talk directly to a practising 'doctor' and also he has medicine to try and help anyone with scars and broken wounds.

This is a different world from home...


Thursday, April 26


Oh dear... so last nights cuisine wasn't quite to my taste. It was traditional Uganda food called Matooke. I think it was made of some kind of steamed plantains. I didn't want to be rude and not eat it so I had to force it down...I took a picture of it and believe me it's as bad as it looks!lol

Bye for now,


Wednesday, April 25

Heading North...

Today we're heading North to meet some very interesting people. We're firstly stopping to collect a couple of friends that Robert has made whilst being here. I think Robert like's to have African people with him as the language is a bit different the further north we head. We're going to stay at his friends house tonight and then head further into the counrtyside tomorrow.

Bye for now,


Friday, April 13


I thought this wee snap that I managed to take last night was pretty cool. The Karamojong people don't really like camera's...the reason being that they're not really sure what they are...they told Robert that they come from evil spirits so I've had to try and get my snap when they aren't looking.

The cattle to these people really do mean everything. They treat them as God's and see them as precious animals. The more you have the better your status in the Karamojong tribe. They even trade cattle for brides here, infact I think they see the cattle more precious that the women that they intend to marry.

This has been a real eye opener for me.

Bye for now,


Friday, April 6

Karamojong people

Today I met a group of people called Karamojong tribe. Robert had told me that they are very protective people especially over their livestock as it's their livelihood. The men are also quite domineering. Thankfully...robert has built up a relationship with the people here and they seem slightly more inviting towards him.

We got here in late evening so I think we are goin to spend the night and then see how these people live on a day to day basis tomorrow.

Bye for now,


Sunday, April 1

Arriving in Kampala

So I met Robert in the airport. He's a lovely man with so much knowledge to share. He explained why he invited me here...some of the women that he wants to talk to feel that they aren't allowed to because of him being a white man and their husbands will not allow them to talk to him. So hopefully with my help he will be able to get more insight into the womens views of religion and practices over here...that's mainly what Robert is studying while he has been here.

We've travelled from Entebbe Airport to Kampala which is the largest city in Uganda. Robert wanted to travel and stay here a few nights as he need's to pick up some medical supplies and also food supplies before we head out to more remote parts. He has been trying to help people who are sick as much as he can while he's been here to. The work he does is just amazing.

Bye for now,


Thursday, March 22

New Experiences...

I'm at the airport in Baghdad. It was quite scary saying bye to all my team...I had kind of got used to having them around. I'm very much looking forward to meeting Robert in Entebbe International Airport. I hope I've made the right choice!

My special little ticket...

Bye for now,


Monday, March 5

Opportunity of a lifetime!

Ok some reali reali good news....and some bad news. I've been invited by Robert Watt, a Professor in our school of psychology who has moved out to africa to study to go and join him and see what he has been doing. The tickets arrived this morning, my UKSRI leaders came with them today. I am so nervous... I am going to be leaving the group and going on my own to Africa although I know the experience and especially the expertise of Robert would be without value to not only my PhD but to my own personal learning. bad news...I will be having to leave adam and I feel that we have built up a really good relationship, as friends that is. I hope I don't loose that because I don't have too many people who I can call a friend.

Anyway I think I am going to grab this opportunity with both hands and just go for it. It will be for 3 months so I think I can learn loads in that time.

Wish me luck!!


Friday, March 2

March already!

I was really bad last month and this month so far of writting what my experiences are. We've been visiting so many places and I've been doing loads of testing and analizing that when I get home I just want to sleep. So I've been away from home for about 8 months now...I'm sure there's no-one missing me much...probably haven't even noticed that I've gone.

I've picked up a few sneaky samples and have been keeping them in the bottom of my rucksack. I hope to study them more when I get home ( a little side project to keep myself amused at night's)

I have been thinking that I might come back here again...the whole experience has been amazing but there's a couple of little place's that I would like to revisit. Adam and I have been getting on really well at the minute and I think he is a very genuine person who like's me for being me! Maybe he would come back and re-visit with me....we'll see how that goes.

Anyway, Bye for now,


Monday, February 26

University of Baghdad

Today was a very exciting day! We visited the University in  Baghdad today. I was very informative and helpful. They have a college of medicine where they mainly concentrate on pathology and forensic medicine. They also have a Centre of Baghdad for Strategic Researchers and Studies that concentrate on Establishing a centre for strategic researchers and studies at Baghdad University. It's a very interesting place and there's a lot of good work going on there in such difficult circumstances and places.

This is one of professor's that showed us around, he was lovely and very helpful. He showed us around the university and then took us out for coffee...i think it was coffee it did taste a little off.

Bye for now,


Thursday, February 1


Baghdad is such a pleasant change! We've been in small villages for a long time now...even though I do love villages and towns but Baghdad being a city is good for a change for a while. It is located along the  Tigris River so I even get to see some water here!YAY! The only problem with here is that since 2003 it has had large infrastructure problems. I've taken a few snaps, posted a few of the most beautiful areas!

Bye for now,


Friday, January 26

And on we go...

We're leaving Samarra...and not a moment too soon! I really hated this place! It's so scary...the locals are very rude and not inviting into their country. I understand to an extent that they may feel threatened but I am definitely glad to be leaving and traveling further south. We're heading on to Taji which isn't far away from Baghdad itself although we are only stopping here overnight to break the journey up and then we're heading on to Baghdad which I am quite looking forward to.

Bye for now,


Thursday, January 11

Samarra The Holy City

Samarra is one of Iraq's four holy cities and it is definitely very evident by the amount of mosques and how religious the people are here. Although the mosques are very beautiful buildings unfortunately alot of them have been damaged by bombs and fighting that has been going on here. It's quite a scary place and we certainly stand out from the crowd. I hope that we don't stay here too long.

There's nothing really for me to research here and I have become increasingly interested in water and how it has effects the people it surrounds so hopefully we will get back near some river's or lakes soon (and if for nothing else then just to cool's sooo hot and my pale skin is sorched even though I am applying my suncream every hour) Oh well.

Bye for now,


Wednesday, January 10

Samarra, Iraq

So, tomorrow we're off again! The traveling all the time is rather tiring an to be honest and I am starting to get a bit fed up with some of the UKSRI team that I am traveling with. I'm not really a people person so the actual team is an experience in itself.

I'll let you in on what I think of Samarra tomorrow! But for now it's sleep time

Bye for now,