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Saturday, June 30

I'm Home! long last I'm finally home...there were a few delays along the way which meant me getting home later that anticipated but I had a lovely welcoming when I got home as Bell, one of my cats jumped up to see me as soon as I opened the door.

Really bad news though. Mipsy my older cat died while I was away, my neighbour tried to get in contact with me but most of the time I had my phone off because there was no signal. I'm devasted about this but she wasn't well so mayb in the long run it's better for her.

RIP you always.


Tuesday, June 12

At the airport

Today it's time to go home! :( I can't believe my jounrey has ended. It seemed like only yesterday I started typing on this blog to say that I was leaving. Well what an experience it has truely been. I've been to so many different places and experienced so many different sights. It's been amazing. The highlight for me has definately been has been such an experinece and the people and their beliefs are so unusual. There's just so much to study.

I'm looking forward to getting home now...not a big fan on flying. It's been brilliant having this blog to keep me going through all the up's and down's. I think I am maybe going to even try keeping it up to date when I get home.

Anyway, see you on the other side,


Saturday, June 9

Back in Kampala

We're back in Kampala. Robert thought it would be good if we rested for a while. Got some proper food and a wash and even a proper bed so he has booked us in to a hostel/hotel place. He's really becoming like a father figure to me and his stories of his life's journies are endless. We're only stayin here two nights as we are flying out of Entebbe International. Robert is flying back with me as his visa is running out and he is going to take the opportunity to go home and visit relatives.

For me it'll be to go home see my oh so cute cats and start in on writting up properly everything I have experienced out here and also maybe carrying out a few tests of my own. Anyway I'm goin to enjoy the last of this'll probably be one of our last stops before the airport.

Bye for now,