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Thursday, March 22

New Experiences...

I'm at the airport in Baghdad. It was quite scary saying bye to all my team...I had kind of got used to having them around. I'm very much looking forward to meeting Robert in Entebbe International Airport. I hope I've made the right choice!

My special little ticket...

Bye for now,


Monday, March 5

Opportunity of a lifetime!

Ok some reali reali good news....and some bad news. I've been invited by Robert Watt, a Professor in our school of psychology who has moved out to africa to study to go and join him and see what he has been doing. The tickets arrived this morning, my UKSRI leaders came with them today. I am so nervous... I am going to be leaving the group and going on my own to Africa although I know the experience and especially the expertise of Robert would be without value to not only my PhD but to my own personal learning. bad news...I will be having to leave adam and I feel that we have built up a really good relationship, as friends that is. I hope I don't loose that because I don't have too many people who I can call a friend.

Anyway I think I am going to grab this opportunity with both hands and just go for it. It will be for 3 months so I think I can learn loads in that time.

Wish me luck!!


Friday, March 2

March already!

I was really bad last month and this month so far of writting what my experiences are. We've been visiting so many places and I've been doing loads of testing and analizing that when I get home I just want to sleep. So I've been away from home for about 8 months now...I'm sure there's no-one missing me much...probably haven't even noticed that I've gone.

I've picked up a few sneaky samples and have been keeping them in the bottom of my rucksack. I hope to study them more when I get home ( a little side project to keep myself amused at night's)

I have been thinking that I might come back here again...the whole experience has been amazing but there's a couple of little place's that I would like to revisit. Adam and I have been getting on really well at the minute and I think he is a very genuine person who like's me for being me! Maybe he would come back and re-visit with me....we'll see how that goes.

Anyway, Bye for now,