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Sunday, April 1

Arriving in Kampala

So I met Robert in the airport. He's a lovely man with so much knowledge to share. He explained why he invited me here...some of the women that he wants to talk to feel that they aren't allowed to because of him being a white man and their husbands will not allow them to talk to him. So hopefully with my help he will be able to get more insight into the womens views of religion and practices over here...that's mainly what Robert is studying while he has been here.

We've travelled from Entebbe Airport to Kampala which is the largest city in Uganda. Robert wanted to travel and stay here a few nights as he need's to pick up some medical supplies and also food supplies before we head out to more remote parts. He has been trying to help people who are sick as much as he can while he's been here to. The work he does is just amazing.

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