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Saturday, December 30


Oops...I realise the title of my last post was "first stop Kirkuk" but I failed to actually tell you anythin about this place. There is quite alot goin on here...Kirkuk is the center of Iraq's oil industry and is connected by pipelines to ports on the Mediterranean Sea. The oil company Shell carried out an integrated study on Kirkuk, with work recently completed in early 2006. This will mark's the first study in three decades for Kirkuk, and is significant because it used the latest technology.

There is alot of area's that can be researched here...I am wondering what the effect is on the people here in Kirkuk because of living so close to and oil resource...maybe there is none with not only living in an area with all these fumes but also Kirkuk has had one of the worst sewage systems. Before the sewage repair project was initiated, 30 percent of the city's sewage was dumped in the streets, 50 percent was transported to a non-operational sewage plant where it quickly seeped back into the city's water system and the other 20 percent was stowed in containers then dumped outside the city. With the help of Coalition forces, the city is repairing this key piece of infrastructure. Six projects are under way to clean sewage from the streets this can only have some sort of effect on the people living here. (geeky facts!woo)

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