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Friday, December 29

Iraq...first stop Kirkuk

So it'been a couple of weeks since my last update. This is because we were travelling over the iran-iraq border. Quite a scary experience. The amount of military protection that there is to get into the country is something else! We had to stop a couple of nights there as they wanted to check all our documentation and I suppose just make sure we are who we say we are. They took most of our researching equipment off us and said it wasn't aloud to go any further. Our mentors said that they don't like to feel that people are looking down on their country. So our research is really going to have to be all written and then mayb a few samples that we could take home with us. I'm expecting big things from Iraq as no-one really knows what exactly goes on here and things are very private.....I'll be investigating loads!

Newhoo, bye for now,


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