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Saturday, December 2

Another night in Rasht

Tonight we are supposed to be moving on to Prisaat in Azerbaijan which is quite a long journey as it takes about 5 and a half hours to get there in our little bus. And believe me the driving is not like home...zebra crossings and give way to your right seems to mean nothing over here.

Well anyway we're not going tonight as a couple of the UKSRI members have become a little ill...stomach bug...probably something to do with all the spicey food we're eating at the minute. Thankfully I have seemed to escape so far...I'll just keep taking my own made ant-sickness tablets...I studied into it and found a herbal remedy from years ago and kind of adapted it slightly to my own specific needs. Pretty proud of's worked wonders so far...although I'm not going to offer it to anyone my supply is limited.

Anyway we'll hopefully be on the move to Prisaat by tomorrow night so I'll let you know how the journey goes.

Bye for now,


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