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Tuesday, August 29

My Trip Begins...

So here it is...the day has finally arrived. When I first signed up for this UKSRI research project in October of last year it felt soo far away, I honestly can't believe that we're all going today. I'm going to be meeting people that are on my course but I've never actually seen before...kind of nervous about that!

I'm currently writing this on the bus on the way to the airport, that's where I'm meeting my UKSRI team. We then have an 8hour flight and arrive in Abu Dhabi. I did a bit of research on the country...not my type of seem's to be one of those over-commercialised places that is destroying the planet (oops...sorry rant over!) Anyway we're only doing an over-night stay so I'm sure I'll not see much of city.

Well, time to go...wish me luck! I'll update you when I get to the other side!

Bye for now,


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