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Wednesday, November 15


We've been travelling out to alot of different villages and towns since coming to Rusht but I think Masouleh has been the most interesting place for me. I have been studying the climate here along with the forestation. It's a very unusual place as the town itself is a differnt levels and most of it seems to be in the mountains. It is located at the Caspian sea and has beautiful features such as Masouheh-Rood-Khan river that passes through the village and as well as many other springs.

My mentor told me though that due to globalisation in other area's of iran the water is becoming increasingly dirty with a green slime build up which they took me to today. The local's are furious about this as they are trying to keep their town of Masouleh traditional. I took a sample of this and am going to work on it with the little resources that I can find to see if there is anything intersting comes out of this finding.

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