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Monday, October 16

Our Tour at Imam Khomeini Hospital

Wow! This hospital is brilliant. The head of researcher Dr Aref Shokouhi of neurology gave us and in-depth tour around the whole hospital and in particular wanted to show off his department...this was brilliant for me of course! Studying at UKSRI is brialliant and the research that is happening is really good but this place...I have never seen anything like it...they have top of the range technology and the money that is being poured into research is unbelievable.

These are a few of the notes I scribbled down while Dr Shokouhi was talking....

ICNR is a 6 floor building hosting the neurological and neurosurgical patients. The first floor hosts Genetics and all the Clinics; Level 2 is host to specialist investigations such as EEG, NCS and EMG. Floor 5 hosts the research offices. The Neurology Ward has 22 beds separated into male and female quarters to which
family members have 24 hr access to. Subspecialty clinics are held 3 days a week from 9:30am and include: Headache, Epilepsy, Motor Control Disorders and Memory Clinics. Up to six simultaneous consultations are held in one large room with a resident Professor of Neurology.

I'm goin to write up the rest of my note's and save them on my computer...I'll update you with those at another time but for now it's bed time.

Bye for now,


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